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Kenosha Common Council Approves Privately-funded Smart City Development Initiative Valued at $90 million—$100 million

Agreement grants international network developer rights to build city-wide fiberoptic infrastructure to support high-speed internet and Smart City applications

September 23, 2020

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Kris Kochman
Community Relations Liaison
City of Kenosha

KENOSHA— The Kenosha Common Council overwhelmingly approved Monday evening an agreement with international network developer SiFi Networks for the company to privately fund and develop a city-wide fiberoptic network that will support affordable high-speed internet and Smart City applications that more efficiently manage a wide range of services, from public works to e-health. The project will make Kenosha a FiberCity™, home to SiFi Networks’ trademarked universal fiberoptic network. SiFi Networks will be responsible for 100 percent of the cost, which could be up to $100 million. Engineering and planning will begin immediately, with fiber mapping and construction rolling out over the winter and into spring 2021.

“Kenosha is committed to its growth and evolution,” Mayor John M. Antaramian said. “This initiative will elevate our city to new heights and anchor our existing plans to develop Kenosha into an efficient Smart City. Additionally, our standing as a FiberCity™ will ensure that highspeed internet service is available across the entire city, so that all Kenosha residents have affordable access to it.”

The network will provide residents and businesses with service provider competition and product choice, which includes symmetrical gigabit speed internet and high-capacity fiber to support the city’s Smart City initiatives.

“As Kenosha begins the process of reinventing itself again, this new technology will help the city use the fiber to drive smart city solutions that benefit both citizens and business, while allowing an additional economic development incentive through open access broadband competition,” says Common Council President David Bogdala.

“Our FiberCity™ model is very much aligned with the city’s ambitions and we look forward to working with them to realize their vision” commented Scott Bradshaw, President of SiFi Networks America. “Kenosha FiberCity™ will deliver high speed internet, choice and be a platform for Smart City applications.”

SiFi Networks, which has offices in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA, as well as Morristown, NJ, and London, UK, has previously developed FiberCity™ networks in Fullerton, CA, Salem, MA, and Upstate New York.