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What is my property zoned?

Persons with zoning questions should contact City Development and provide a parcel number or address for the property.

How long does an annexation / attachment take?

Depending on the type of annexation or attachment, the process may take six to eight weeks after the annexation / attachment petition is filed with the City Clerk's office.

I'd like to rezone my property. What do I need to do?

Persons interested in rezoning their property should first contact City Development to discuss the rezoning with a Planner. The rezoning will need to be requested through a formal letter along with an application fee.

How do I request than an alley or street be vacated?

If you are a property owner abutting a street or alley, you should call City Development to obtain a Consent-To-Vacate form and list of property owners on the alley or street. These owners will need to sign the form in order for the City to consider the request. More information can be obtained from City Development.

How do I obtain a conditional use permit?

Applicants should call City Development or visit the office for more information.