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The Kenosha Water Utility is a municipally-owned, fiscally independent public utility organized under authority of Section 66.0805 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and Chapter XXXII of the City of Kenosha Code of General Ordinances. It is solely financed by water and sewer service charges.

The management and operation of the Water Utility is under the direction of the General Manager, Curt Czarnecki, who is appointed by a Board of Water Commissioners. The Board is composed of six alderpersons appointed under authority of Section 1.06H of the City of Kenosha Code of General Ordinances. The powers and duties of the Board of Water Commissioners include: establishing policy, adopting rules and regulations, adopting an annual budget, establishing water and sewer rates and fees and approving contracts and agreements.


Meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Monday of each month.  Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please call The Kenosha Water Utility at 262.653.4308 to confirm.