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The Mayor’s Youth Commission has revised the Award and Scholarship Program, which is dedicated to the recognition of outstanding youth of Kenosha. The program seeks to recognize youth in our community under the age of 21 for their activities or achievements, ranging from helping others to helping themselves. While the Commission encourages all citizens to seek out nominees, we do not accept nominations made by relatives of the student.

In order to maintain the integrity and importance of the awards, we will be accepting only nominations for individual awards and not group awards. In addition, a nominator may only submit one nomination per quarter. There are many exceptional students in our community and we hope everyone being nominated is honored by the recognition; however, not everyone who is nominated receives an award.


The Commission will review nominations based on the youth’s activities or accomplishments in community service, safety, patriotism, environmental concern, sports, volunteerism, church activities, and/or outstanding academic success. The maximum score is 25 points, and any student receiving an average score of 15 points or higher will automatically be eligible for an award.

While the Commission understands and appreciates the importance of attendance, a nomination should not be made based solely on attendance as this award is designed for those who go above and beyond what is expected of a good student. The Commission looks favorably upon activities or accomplishments which include giving of themselves to improve or better the life of another.


Awards are given on a quarterly basis and the deadline dates and award dates are listed below. All award winners will receive a congratulatory certificate from the Mayor and will be invited to a Common Council meeting to receive their award from the Mayor and Common Council President.

A reception for all award winners and their families will be held each August to honor their awards and to announce the scholarship recipients. Students may be nominated more than once per year; however, they will only be eligible for one award per academic year.


High school junior, senior and college level award winners will be eligible for one of several scholarships to be awarded annually. Finalists are notified in July and invited to attend a personal interview during which they will be judged and scholarship amounts will be determined. Announcement of scholarship recipients will take place at the annual reception the following month 


Awards are given on a quarterly basis 


Deadline for Nominations

Award Date


Thurs, October 27, 2022

Mon, November 21, 2022


Thurs, January 26, 2023

Wed, February 22, 2023


Thurs, March 30, 2023

Mon, May 1, 2023


Thurs, May 25, 2023

Mon, June 19, 2023