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The City of Kenosha recruitment process is split into various processes.  Some or all of these steps may be required and the order of the steps may vary depending upon the position you’ve applied for.  The City of Kenosha Firefighter and Police Officer recruitments are typically conducted every two years.  Firefighter and Police Officer recruitments are very competitive.  The selection process is extensive and generally takes six (6) to nine (9) months from initial application to the first round of hiring.

Application Acceptance Period

During this period vacant positions are posted with a job closing date. Typically, jobs close at 4:30 p.m. on the job closing date. All job postings will provide pay and benefit information.

Application Screening

Application screening is the review and evaluation of applications. It is intended to narrow the applicant pool to those applicants whose background and experience appear to best meet the needs of the position. The screening is based on the minimum and/or preferred qualifications on the job posting.

Written Exam

The written test generally consists of multiple-choice questions designed to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities important to the performance of the job.  Exams are based upon each job.  Most exams are multiple-choice and can last from an hour (1) to four (4) hours. Written exams typically have between 50 to 200 questions, depending on the type of job.

Police & Fire Written Exams

The City administers the Comprehensive Examination Battery with Practical Skills & Work Style Inventory (CEB-PST3B-WSI) test, which is provided by Fire & Police Selection, Inc., for the entry-level Firefighter exam.  For more information, please visit or you may call 888.990.3473 with questions.

The City administers the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam, which is provided by Wisconsin Personnel Partners, for the entry level Police Officer exam.  For more information, please visit or you may call 608.266.1088 with questions.

Performance Exam

A performance test is designed to measure an applicant’s ability to perform tasks essential to the major functions of the job. It usually involves 4 to 6 exercises (stations), each one testing a different skill.

Fire Performance Exam

The City currently utilizes West Allis for the Applicant Physical Ability Test (CPAT).  For more information, please visit or call 414.302.8900.

Oral Exam

The oral exam is an interview where applicants are asked job related questions, and a panel of subject matter experts and/or interviewer evaluate the responses, scoring the applicants in a number of critical dimensions (knowledge, skills and abilities), and overall interview presentation.

Need Help Preparing for an Interview?

The Job Center of Wisconsin, which provides job services, training and employment assistance to individuals seeking employment, offers free workshops in job-search techniques like resume writing and interviewing.  Call toll free 888.258.9966, or visit to find the phone number and address of your nearest Wisconsin Job Center.

Eligibility List

The eligible list is a list of qualified applicants who have passed the entire examination process who will be considered for employment. Applicants are ranked on an eligible list according to their overall scores in the examination. Vacancies are filled from eligible lists.  For most recruitments, only the top five (5) scoring applicants are certified to the department.  However, for Police and Fire recruitments, the Chief will receive the top ten (10) applicants who score the highest from the eligibility list for the first vacancy. For each additional vacancy, the Chief will receive up to five (5) additional applicants from the eligibility list.  The hiring department interviews and selects the person it feels best meets its needs, and the individual is hired.  Persons not selected remain on the eligible list and may be referred again when another vacancy occurs.  Eligible lists remain in effect for twelve (12) months, with the exception of entry level Police & Fire recruitments, which remain in effect eighteen (18) months, unless extended to a total of twenty-four months or until ten (10) or fewer names remain on the list.

Award Veteran Preference Points

Once applicants are placed on the eligibility list, any veteran preference points will be added to the applicants’ total score, provided that the applicants qualify for veteran preference points.

The information contained herein is merely an informal summary of the process. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information. Successfully completing all outlined steps, visiting any of the referenced sites, and/or purchasing any of the referenced sites goods and services does not guarantee a job with the City of Kenosha. Should you have any questions regarding the recruitment and hiring process for the City of Kenosha's Fire Department, please direct your inquiry to Human Resources.  If you have any questions regarding the referenced websites, please contact the appropriate resource for the website.