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The Board's major functions include the establishment of the policies, goals and purpose of the Kenosha Public Museums; select and govern its Director; control the Museums finances, funds, grants and endowments; prepare, approve and submit an operating budget and to direct expenditure of funds provided in the budget; accept and control donations, bequests and miscellaneous receipts; serve as Trustee for Museums funds and collections; and authorize selection, acquisition and maintenance of collections, specimens and artifacts.


Terms expire May 1st

Dennis Filippelli - 2021

Elika Shapiro - 2021

Vacant - 2021

Charles Bradley - 2022

Lena Cooksey - 2022

Christine Pratt (KUSD) - 2022

Annie Bruss - 2022

Virginia Emery - 2023

Deborah Ross-Corbett - 2023

Ald. Mitchell Pedersen - 4/18/22

Ald. Jan Michalski - 4/18/22

Contact Info

Peggy Gregorski,  Interim Director