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Parkway Tree Information

According to Section 5.051 of the Code of General Ordinances, it is the duty of every property owner to improve and maintain the lawn park area abutting their property in conformance with the ordinance. This includes making sure that grass, trees and plantings are in a healthy condition and are trimmed so as to not constitute a public or private nuisance. Minimum clearances must be maintained; 8.5 feet over the sidewalk and 13.5 feet over the street are required. When trimming parkway trees, the Park Division allows homeowners to remove small limbs (1.5” in diameter or less) without a permit. Larger limbs require a forestry permit, issued at no cost by the City Forester (see link below).

Tree planting along streets in the parkway is regulated by the City of Kenosha Forestry Ordinance, Chapter 34. Property owners must request a forestry permit from the Park Division for tree planting (see link below). The City Forester may issue the permit and provide information on the number of trees possible, size requirements, spacing and species selection. Permits are free and come with pruning guidelines to assist property owners with proper techniques.

Click here for a Forestry permit

Click here for Forestry Fees and Charges

Click here to view the City-Approved Parkway Tree List

Click here to view Tree Pruning Guidelines

Click here to view Tree Care Instructions

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch is available to City residents and property owners. Click here for more information.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Update

On August 10th, 2009, the Emerald Ash Borer was found in the City of Kenosha. Since then, the insect has been found in all sections of the City. The City of Kenosha has beenremoving all of the affected ash trees in lawn parks and on City property.

Kenosha has experimented with treating ash trees with chemicals to slow down the spread of this infestation. Whitecaps subdivision and a few other sections of the City with high percentages of young ash trees were targeted for this treatment. This treatment was intended to extend the window to fight this infestation by prolonging the time in which the City had to remove the affected trees. The City experienced mixed results with this treatment and decided that the results did not justify the cost.

Currently, the City is in the process of removing all of the 5,660 ash trees in City parks and right-of-ways. The following table illustrates the exponential spread of the EAB.

YearTrees Removed
2009 20
2010 30
2011 50
2012 60
2013 180
2014 420
2015 550
2016 Estimate 700


The City is utilizing the wood from these ash trees to create commercial grade wood chips for our park playgrounds. Additionally, the City has begun the process of reforestation for Kenosha residents.

Holiday Tree Information

Holiday Tree Disposal

Holiday trees may be dropped off inside the green snow-fenced enclosures at the locations listed below until January 31. Collected trees will be chipped and used as mulch in City parks. To prevent damage to chipping equipment, please remove all tree bags, ornaments, tree stands, nails and other metal objects and place in trash receptacles provided at each bin. Other holiday greenery (wreaths, garlands, etc.) must be placed with your normal residential trash collection.

Holiday tree disposal locations: Click here for interactive map.

  • CJ Clausen Park (6501 87th Avenue)
  • Columbus Park (2003 54th Street)
  • Endee Park (4401 47th Street)
  • Forest Park (4803 61st Street)
  • Horizon Park (6598 112th Avenue)
  • Lincoln Park (6900 18th Avenue)
  • Nash Elementary School (6801 99th Avenue)
  • Petretti Park (1903 16th Avenue)
  • Roosevelt Park (6801 34th Avenue)
  • Southwest Library (7909 38th Avenue)
  • Strawberry Creek (147th Avenue and 72nd Street, east of the golf clubhouse)
  • Sunnyside Park (8216 26th Avenue)
  • Sunrise Park (2829 50th Avenue)
  • Washington Park (1901 Washington Road)
  • Wolfenbüttel Park (5901 3rd Avenue)

City Holiday Tree Donation

Each year the City accepts a donated tree to be decorated and put on display near the Public Museum. The tree is selected from all of those offered for donation based on size, beauty and ease of removal. With property owner permission, donated trees are removed by the City free of charge. The stump is ground and the turf repaired as part ofthe process. For more information about donating your tree, please contact the Public Works Department at 262-653-4050 (M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) or email .


Please call the Public Works Department at 262-653-4050 (M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) or email .

Memorializing a bench or tree is a thoughtful and distinctive way to honor a deceased relative or friend, celebrating a person whom you love or respect. Adding an inscribed memorial marker near the tree or on the bench is a wonderful way to commemorate the honoree for years to come. *No memorial markers may be placed at the site, on the bench or near the tree without written permission from the Board of Park Commissioners.

If you wish to discuss an original idea or another unique way to contribute to our parks, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

It should be understood that donations to the parks in no way constitutes ownership of the item, the land upon which it is situated, or the surrounding area. All gifts to the City of Kenosha Department of Parks are accepted on the basis that the donated item will be maintained for 10 years in the original locations, or in an area near the original location, after which the disposition of the gift is at the sole discretion of the City of Kenosha Department of Parks. Furthermore, the City retains the right to use lands adjacent to the donated item as it deems appropriate, or to relocate the item if redevelopment of the area warrants this action.

All applications will be received and processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The City reserves the right to determine and limit the locations. We will, however, consider any special request subject to further approval.

Memorial Bench Donation has been placed on a moratorium until further notice.

Click here to view the Press Release.


McConnell memorial bench style

McConnell by Keystone Designs – this style is available for all Parks, except the HarborPark area.

Du Mor 94 memorial bench style

Du Mor 94 by Gerber Leisure Products – this style is the only approved style for the Harborpark area; it may also be used in other City parks.

Memorial Tree Donation

After the request is received, the City Forester will review placement and tree selection(s). The donor will be contacted about the placement. The tree can then be purchased by the donor from Paul Swartz Nursery at 1743 30th Ave, Kenosha, WI; 262.552.8210. The nursery will contact the Parks office when the tree is ready for pick-up and staff will plant the tree in the proper location.

Once approved, the donor, may order a memorial tree marker, through Bosman Monuments, at 6511 52nd St, Kenosha, WI 53144; 262.657.3231.

No memorial markers may be placed at the site or on the tree without written permisson from the Board of Parks Commission.

Bosman Monuments will contact our office when the marker is ready for pickup and staff will install in the proper location.

Click Here for the application.

Among Kenosha's greatest treasures are its beaches. Everyone can enjoy swimming, sunning, or simply relaxing along the beaches of Lake Michigan. Our community takes pride in the number of beach facilities we have available to the public.

Eichelman beach

Beaches not staffed with lifeguards include:

  • Alford Park (1819 Sheridan Road)
  • Eichelman Park (6125 3rd Avenue)
  • Pennoyer Park (3601 7th Avenue)
  • Simmons Island Park (5001 4th Avenue)
  • Southport Park (7501 2nd Avenue)

Beach Rules

Please be aware that no pets, fire, grills or glass containers are allowed on beaches and no flotation devices can be used in swimming areas. For more information on beaches, please call 262-653-4050 or email .

Beach Conditions

Click here to view current beach conditions.


The City of Kenosha is currently under lease with the Northwoods League, which holds seasonal events at Simmons Baseball Field (7817 Sheridan Rd), home of the Kenosha Kingfish. Visit the Kingfish webpage for more information on the team and events.


Simmons Island Boat Harbor

45th Street & Kennedy Drive
For general information and boat slip rentals, contact Great Lakes Yacht Sales at 262-654-0207 or .

  • Seasonal and temporary slip rental - 24 hour security
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Fueling and pump-out

Southport Marina

5801 - 3rd Avenue
For general information and boat slip rentals call Southport Marina at 262-657-5565.

Southport Marina offers 158 full-service boat slips, and 56 limited service slips. Boater restrooms, shower and laundry facilities are available. Fuel and putout stations as well as winter storage and a boat repair facilities are located on premises.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers’ markets take place throughout the City from June-November. Their locations and hours are as follows:

TuesdayPennoyer Park (3601 7th Avenue - near bandshell) 6 a.m. – Noon

WednesdayColumbus Park (2003 54th Street) 6 a.m. – Noon

ThursdayLincoln Park (6900 18th Avenue - on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive) 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

FridayBaker Park (835 65th Street) 6 a.m. – Noon

SaturdayColumbus Park (2003 54th Street) 6 a.m. – 1 p.m

The City of Kenosha provides many excellent venues for hosting events. For information on events happening in our community, and on hosting your own special event, please visit our Events page by clicking here.