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The City Attorney's Office provides comprehensive legal services to the City of Kenosha, its governing body and subunits, including the Water Utility, Library, Museum, Redevelopment Authority and Housing Authority, its Department Heads, and approximately twenty-five (25) Boards and Commissions. The only areas in which the office is not involved are in labor contract negotiation, grievances and arbitration; areas involving special expertise; and in areas which the office is legally or ethically precluded from handling due to a conflict of interest.

Notice Regarding Client

The City Attorney’s client is the legal entity of the City of Kenosha. Lawyers are prohibited from providing legal advice to the public or to parties other than the municipal corporation of the City of Kenosha. The City Attorney’s Office cannot represent or advise private individuals in legal matters.

Contact Info
  • Phone: 262.653.4170
  • Fax: 262.925.5933
  • Email:
  • Office:625 - 52nd Street Room 201
    Kenosha, WI 53140
Department Leadership
Matt K

Matthew Knight
City Attorney

  • Provide legal advice on matters affecting the City.
  • Provide legal defense to the City, its officers and employees before the Federal and State Courts, and Appellate Courts.
  • Represent the City's interest in State and City administrative hearings.
  • Prosecute violations of City Ordinances (15,000 - 17,000 cases are processed by Municipal Court each year.)
  • Draft or approval all Ordinances, Resolutions, Contracts, Leases and other legal documents.
  • Collect delinquent accounts receivable and personal property taxes.
  • Monitor licensing violations and conduct administrative disciplinary hearings.
  • Matthew A. Knight, City Attorney
  • Bryan A. Charbogian, Deputy City Attorney
  • Nicholas J. Vande Castle, Assistant City Attorney
  • Matthew J. Richer, Assistant City Attorney
  • Brian T. Coe, Assistant City Attorney
  • Kirsten DeVries, Legal Assistant
  • Melissa Loebach, Legal Assistant