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Address#Parcel NumberHistoric Name
912 56th St. 61 12-223-31-438-001 Kenosha Co. Courthouse and Jail1
1010 56th St. 62 12-223-31-437-007 Old Moose Lodge
5608 10th Ave. 63 12-223-31-453-008 Old Post Office
 Civic Center Park 64 12-223-31-452-002 Miniature Statue of Liberty
913 57th St. 65 12-223-31-465-001 Kenosha High School
5605 Sheridan Rd. 66 12-223-31-451-002 United States Post Office
All properties are listed as contributing structures in the Civic Center Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places with the exception of the Miniature Statue of Liberty.
1Also listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places


Civic Center Preservation Plan