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Current mission of the BID Board is to create a livable, vibrant space which is sensitive to our historic roots, with significant activities and jobs that make it a destination for the region. Goals and objectives included reducing vacant commercial and residential properties, creating a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign, promoting cooperation with the City to beautify the district, update infrastructure and preserve historic heritage, and promoting cooperation and communication among BID members. Candidate must own property or live in the Lakeshore BID District.


Terms expire November 18th

Deanna Goodwin - 2018

Zohrab Khaligian - 2018

Paul McDonough - 2018

Donald S. Miller - 2018

Scott Holloway - 2019

Maria Caravati - 2019

Kevin Ervin - 2019

Alex Kudrna - 2020

Erin Merritt - 2020

Lou Molitor - 2020

Mike Thomey - 2020

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Zohrab Khaligian