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Parking Citation Payment Information

Please note, our payment processing address has changed to:
P.O. Box 500, Horseheads, NY  14845-0500.

Payment must be made in the appropriate amount prescribed for the violation within ten (10) days of the issue date of the citation.  If you have questions regarding this citation, please call 866-353-7144.

Payment can be made by telephone or internet using VISA, MasterCard, or DISCOVER 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.  There is a service charge of $2.95 per ticket if paid via phone or internet.

    Call toll free 866-353-7144.
    Make your Check or Money Order payable to the City of Kenosha and write the Ticket Number and your Vehicle License Number on the Check or Money Order.  Include your name and address on the envelope.  DO NOT MAIL CASH.

Use the envelope provided or mail to:
City of Kenosha
Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 500, Horseheads, NY  14845-0500

    You may pay at the Kenosha Police Department, 1000 55th Street, by utilizing the 24-hour drop box located outside the Public Safety Building on 10th Avenue or inside the Public Safety Building at the Police Department Counter.  When using the drop box, no stamp is necessary.  Please pay by check or money order as the police department does not make change or issue payment receipts.  Payments from the drop boxes will be forwarded to the payment center the next business day.
    If you wish to contest this ticket, please call 866-353-7144 between the hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM within 10 days of the citation date.


Failure to pay or contest this citation within 10 days of the issue date will result in additional penalties.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will suspend your vehicle registration and refuse registration of any of your vehicles if you fail to pay or contest this citation within 40 days from the issue date.  Vehicles illegally parked that have unpaid citations may be towed.

Alternate Side Parking Restrictions

The Kenosha Police Department would like to remind residents and visitors in the City of Kenosha of the following Alternate Side Parking Restrictions that are in place for December through March of each year.

Alternate Side Street Parking begins on December 1st and is enforced from 1:00 am – 6:00 am. The parking restrictions end on April 1st. On odd-numbered days, the motorist must park on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses. On even-numbered days, the motorist must park on the side of the street with even-numbered addresses. (Example – If you park your vehicle at 10 pm on January 3rd the vehicle needs to be parked on the even side of the street, as the enforcement period is from 1am – 6am January 4th).

These restrictions do not apply to city streets where parking is limited to one side of the street or where other parking restrictions would be in effect from 1:00 am – 6:00 am. Remember, there are two occasions in which odd-numbered parking is required on consecutive nights, December 31 and January 01, as well as January 31 and February 01. The initial penalty for violating this ordinance is $30.00, and your vehicle may be towed.

You may also call 605-5200, option 1 will explain it.

Winter Parking Regulations

The Kenosha Police Department would like to remind residents and visitors in the City of Kenosha of the following winter parking restrictions and regulations.

Posted Snow Routes are in effect when two or more inches of snow has fallen. Streets that are snow routes are posted with signs. Vehicles in violation of this ordinance may be towed and the initial penalty for violating this ordinance is $30.00.

A Snow Emergency can be declared by the Director of Public Works, or in his/her absence the City Administrator, or in their absence, the Director of Engineering, may, in their discretion, declare an emergency to exist in the City, or in a section or sections thereof, for one (1) or more periods of seventy-two (72) hours, where snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow drifts, flooding or other phenomena cause, or are likely to cause, hazardous road conditions on City streets or highways, which conditions will or may endanger the public health, safety or welfare, or which conditions will or may impede the movement of emergency vehicles or other vehicular traffic. During the period of a snow emergency, no motor vehicle, motor vehicle trailer, semi-trailer, mobile home or other form of conveyance shall park, stop, stand or otherwise be unattended on any City street or highway:

Vehicles in violation of the snow emergency may be towed; the initial penalty for violating this ordinance is $30.00. Vehicle owners are responsible for all towing and storage costs.

Clearing of Sidewalks by property owners and occupants is required within 24 hours following the end of a winter storm. The snow may not be shoveled, blown, dumped or otherwise placed on any public street or property. Any violations of this ordinance should be reported to the Department of Public Works at 653-4050. Property owners / occupants may also be fined for violation of these ordinances.

School Parking Regulations

 No stopping standing parking signNO STOPPING STANDING OR PARKING and related signs are used where it is illegal to stop or leave standing any vehicle. In these areas, you MAY NOT drop a child off, pick a child up, wait in your car, or park your car.



no parking on school days signNO PARKING ON SCHOOL DAYS and related signs indicate areas where you may stop and unload passengers but may not leave your vehicle unattended. These signs are used in areas where parents can drop off or pick up their children near schools. In these areas, you must be actively engaged in loading or unloading your child. State laws prohibit Stopping, Standing, or Parking in the following areas all the time, whether or not there are signs indicating these restrictions.