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The City of Kenosha Rehabilitation Loan Program provides assistance for owner-occupied single family homes located within the City of Kenosha to rehabilitate their home through a deferred mortgage loan. Loans are available up to the available home equity, with a maximum amount of $45,000.

Eligible Property Improvements *:

  • Lead paint abatement
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Roofing, gutters, soffit and fascia repairs/replacement
  • Foundation
  • Windows, exterior doors, insulation
  • Interior walls and ceiling (lead hazards only)
  • Exterior surfaces (siding, stucco)
  • ADA modifications

Remodeling work and additions will not be permitted through the program.

* Federal and City regulations require that all items not meeting code and all lead paint hazards to be corrected through the loan program.

Homeowners have an opportunity to list home improvements requested to be funded through the program. In order to be eligible for the program, both an interior and exterior inspection of the home, detached structures and premises will be required to document code violations. Code violations and lead paint hazards are required to be corrected through the program. Not all work may be able to be funded through the program.

Program Requirements:

  • Applicant must be U.S. citizen or have qualified alien status
  • Non-refundable application fee of $25 for single applicants, $40 for two applicants
  • Applicant must reside at the property for a minimum of 90 days
  • Applicant must meet income requirements
  • Minimum 600 credit score
  • Applicant must have current homeowners insurance
  • No delinquent property taxes or mortgage payments

More information is provided in the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program flier. Interested applicants should contact HOME Program staff to discuss eligibility, and to obtain the password for the application.