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Click here to read the Cart Informational & Welcome Packet. 

Starting late summer, all trash and recycling items will need to be placed in secure carts that will be picked up by the City's Department of Public Works Waste Division.

The Department of Public Works is here to aid in making this transition as easy as possible for each resident! We have posted all informational packets on the new system to aid you in understanding this transition as much information as possible.

Over the next several months, the City will be sending information on the carts and their arrival so please open all City of Kenosha mailings.

Want to know more? Click here to watch our Automated Waste Collection informational video.

Automated Waste Collection Overview

The City of Kenosha is excited for the tranisition to automated waste collection! Click the image to read through our informational pamphlet to learn more about the new waste collection system, the cart itself and the benefits of automated waste collection.


Separation of Waste in Carts

Initially, residents will receive two 95-gallon carts, per household unit. The first two initial carts are at no cost. The carts will be delivered to the property with a guide of directions and information. The below informational sheet will help you determine what belongs inside the garbage cart and the recycling cart. The City is divided into two recycling routes: A and B. See the Recycling Calendar or our web app for more information on your route

The Automated Collection Process Compared to the Manual Collection Process

Transitioning from the manual collection process to the automated collection process eliminates the need for waste collectors to pick up bags by hand. This saves time and helps reduce employee fatigue, lessening the chance for injury. Having uniform carts creates a more professional look within the City, creating a more aesthetically pleasing community. By transitioning to this system and removing the need for bagged recycles, the recycling diversion rate increases.  

ManualCollectionProcess  AutomatedCollectionProcess



Questions and Concerns

Click here to read through a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to Automated Waste Collection.