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The Kenosha Police Department's Community Services Division is helps us stay in touch with the needs of the community. Components of the Community Services Division are programs such as: 

Crime Prevention (Rotary Safety Center) - Officer Wenberg

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Business Watch
  • Adult Safety Programs

Child Safety Education (Rotary Safety Center) - Safety Officer Tyler Cochran

  • Officer Friendly
  • Stranger Danger
  • School Safety
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Bicycle Safety

School Resource Officers

  • Tremper High School - Officer Chris Marshall
  • Bradford High School - Officer Auturo Gonzalez
  • Reuther High School - Officer Josh Goldberg 
  • Indian Trail High School - Officer Eric Block

Employment Recruiting - Captain Aaron Dillhoff

  • Job Fairs

Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers - Captain James Beller

LGBTQ+ Liaison - Lieutenant Desiree Farchione

NAMI Liaison - Officer Luke Hofmann