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The City of Kenosha Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions, General Code of Ordinances, §11.033, have been established to service the City of Kenosha's interest to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Kenosha by creating areas around locations where children regularly congregate in concentrated numbers wherein certain sexual offenders and sexual predators are prohibited from establishing temporary or permanent residency.  The Board's primary function is to hold hearings on each petition for exemption from the sexual offender residency restrictions and decide by majority vote whether to grant or deny an exemption to the petitioner. The Board shall base its decision on factors related to the City's interest in promoting, protecting and improving the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Terms expire August 7th

Lolita Moody - 2028

Veronica King - 2025

Lester (Byron) Wright - 2027
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