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Kenosha residents wishing to be considered to serve on a City Board or Commission may submit an application using the form below. Appointments to Boards and Commission are made by the Mayor, and confirmed by the Common Council.

Application for Boards & Comissions

Airport Commission – usually once a month

Commissioners are empowered to adopt regulations, approve leases, establish fees and charges, recommend an annual budget and review policies to be approved by the Common Council and within Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. Commissioner should be an individual who is interested in Aeronautics.

Board of Housing Appeals – meet as needed

The Board of Housing Appeals hears appeals from property owners about Orders to Repair they have received and were issued by the City's Property Maintenance Division. The board only meets when an appeal has been filed, except for the annual meeting which is held in May.

Board of Review – meets as needed, usually in June and July

This board usually meets 10-15 mornings in June and July to hear appeals to property assessments. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.

CDBG Commission/HOME Program Commission – meets as needed

THE CDBG Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to entitled cities and counties to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons.

City Plan Commission – meets Thursday after Council (which meets 1st & 3rd Monday of month)

The responsibility of the commission is to make and adopt a Master Plan for the physical development of the municipality; make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the city; hold public meetings and hearings; and recommend to the Common Council, from time-to-time, amendments, supplements or modifications of the Master Plan or other land use regulations. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.

Civil Service Commission – once a month if agenda is present

The commission shall review and comment on the Director of Human Resources proposals for new rules and regulations or for amendments to existing rules and regulations authorized the governing ordinance. Also serves as an appeals body to hear appeals from disciplinary actions. After hearing an appeal, the commission shall have the authority to affirm, reverse or modify the action of the appointing official.

Historic Preservation Commission – usually once a month

The responsibility of the commission is to promote historic preservation within Kenosha by nominating structures, sites and districts for historic designation, preparing district plans, reviewing proposed work and issuing certificates of appropriateness and letters of denial, providing technical assistance, and fostering an appreciation of the city's historical and architectural heritage.

Kenosha Area Tourism Corporation – usually meets once a month

The Kenosha Area Tourism Corporation deals with improvements of image for the greater Kenosha area, including strengthening the spirit of community involvement among citizens and business persons, the attraction of visitors and the promotion of holding and conducting of convention, public gatherings, and public attraction, and to develop civic interest and participation towards this mission.

Kenosha Hometown Heroes Commission – usually 2nd Wednesday of each month

The Kenosha Hometown Heroes Commission was created to identify and recognize worthy men and women of or from the City of Kenosha who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Members serve for 2-year terms must reside in the City of Kenosha. At least four of the six citizen members must be veterans.

Kenosha Housing Authority – meets 3rd Tuesday of month

The KHA Board reviews and approves each month expenditures for both administrative and rental housing cost and adherence to budget projects. The board also approves the annual administrative budget, administrative plan revisions, City housing development plans, offers to purchase, second mortgages on City home purchases, the HOME Program, bond development and the applications for new programs and projects.

Kenosha Lakeshore Business Improvement District Board of Directors – meets quarterly.

Current mission of the BID Board is to create a livable, vibrant space which is sensitive to our historic roots, with significant activities and jobs that make it a destination for the region. Goals and objectives included reducing vacant commercial and residential properties, creating a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign, promoting cooperation with the City to beautify the district, update infrastructure and preserve historic heritage, and promoting cooperation and communication among BID members. Majority of board members must own property or operate a business in the Lakeshore BID District

Kenosha Public Library Board of Trustees – meets 2nd Tuesday of month

The Library Board of Trustees carries out the Library's mission by authorizing the KPL business plan and operating policies, setting long range goals and objectives, hiring and retaining a competent Library Director, monitoring Library operations and providing accountability for the Library to the public.

Kenosha Public Museum Board of Trustees – meets 2nd Thursday of month

The Board's major functions include the establishment of the policies, goals and purpose of the Kenosha Public Museums; select and govern its Director; control the Museums finances, funds, grants and endowments; prepare, approve and submit an operating budget and to direct expenditure of funds provided in the budget; accept and control donations, bequests and miscellaneous receipts; serve as Trustee for Museums funds and collections; and authorize selection, acquisition and maintenance of collections, specimens and artifacts.

Mayor’s Youth Commission – usually meets 2nd Wednesday of the month

The commission explores, communicates and provides for the needs, problems, issues and activities affecting the youth of Kenosha. They also partner with Kenosha Unified School District and other school entities to encourage nominations of youth in the community for Mayor's Youth Commission Awards on a quarterly basis. The Commission organizes and implements an annual dedication ceremony for the Brick Memorial at Wolfenbϋttel Park, where engraved bricks are purchased and installed each year and profits provide for youth scholarships. The Commission also arranges for an annual banquet for all award and scholarship winners and also volunteers to assist at City sponsored events.

Police & Fire Commission – meets 3rd Tuesday of month

Solely responsible for appointment of the Police and Fire Chief. Also approve appointment of new police officers a well as promotions in both departments. Have the ability to set the qualifications for police officers and firefighters and to see the passing score for the written test for new officers/firefighters. Responsible for convening disciplinary hearings if charges are filed by the Police Chief, Fire Chief or any citizen against a police officer or firefighter. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.

Redevelopment Authority – meets Tuesday after 2nd Council meeting of month

The Authority is an independent, separate and distinct public body whose purpose is blight elimination, slum clearance and urban renewal. The Authority's powers include the acquisition and real property by eminent domain and issuance of revenue bonds to fund its activities.

Sex Offender Residence Board – meet as needed

The City of Kenosha Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions, General Code of Ordinances, §11.033, have been established to service the City of Kenosha's interest to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Kenosha by creating areas around locations where children regularly congregate in concentrated numbers wherein certain sexual offenders and sexual predators are prohibited from establishing temporary or permanent residency.  The Board's primary function is to hold hearings on each petition for exemption from the sexual offender residency restrictions and decide by majority vote whether to grant or deny an exemption to the petitioner. The Board shall base its decision on factors related to the City's interest in promoting, protecting and improving the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Transit Commission – meets 3rd Monday of month

The commission is responsible for managing the municipal parking lots, establishing fees and charges for parking permits as it determines reasonable. They also establish fees and charges to ride the city buses and streetcars; approve equipment purchases and contracts; and hold public hearings when rate changes are needed.

Zoning Board of Appeals – meet as needed

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial body (functions in many respects like a court). The board hears variances, special exceptions, and administrative appeals. Variances, etc., may be granted when the appellant can prove that enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship for the petitioner. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.