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If your online application was successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after submission.  You will also see a confirmation message on your PC screen.  Print a copy of your submitted application and confirmation page information for future reference. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your Spam/Junk folder.  Almost all communication regarding the status of your application will be by email, so please use a current email address and notify the City of any email address changes.

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements listed on the job announcement for the position. Although your experience may meet the minimum desired skill set, please consider that there may be many applicants who possess the equivalent or greater skill sets from which the City will consider. Thus, not every applicant may be offered an interview.

If you meet the minimum requirements, your application is eligible to be advanced to the next step of the selection process. Applications may also be further screened for additional knowledge, skills and abilities to identify the most qualified applicants. Applicants who are not further screened out will be forwarded to the appropriate hiring authority/department for a possible interview, or in the case of Police and Fire recruitments, you will be notified of a test date and time.