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The responsibility of the commission is to make and adopt a Master Plan for the physical development of the municipality; make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the city; hold public meetings and hearings; and recommend to the Common Council, from time-to-time, amendments, supplements or modifications of the Master Plan or other land use regulations. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.


Chairman - Mayor John M. Antaramian

CC President Designee - Ald. Dan Prozanski, Jr.- 4/24

Public Works Represenative-Ald. David Bogdala - 4/24

Park Representative - Ald. Jan Michalski - 4/24

Charles Bradley- 2023

Veronica Flores- 2023

Mark Bourque - 2024

Michael Foster - 2024

Stephen Retherford - 2025

Ed Stuckey  - 2025

  Terms expire May 1st

Contact Info

Rich Schroeder                 Brian Wilke

 262-653-4034                     262-653-4049


 Clerical Support:  Laurie Bauman - 262-653-4043