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The responsibility of the commission is to make and adopt a Master Plan for the physical development of the municipality; make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the city; hold public meetings and hearings; and recommend to the Common Council, from time-to-time, amendments, supplements or modifications of the Master Plan or other land use regulations. Candidate must be a City of Kenosha resident.


Terms expire May 1st

Patrick DeGrace - 2018

Anita Faraone - 2018

Scott Haraty - 2019

Lydia Spottswood - 2019

Charles Bradley - 2020

Katherine Marks - 2020

John M. Antaramian, Mayor

Ald. Daniel Prozanski, Council President designee

Ald. Jan Michalski, Board of Park Commission

Ald. John Fox, Public Works Committee

Contact Info

Rich Schroeder, Brian Wilke and Kay Schueffner