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2020 Census - Together We Count!



Message from the Mayor

Mayor of Kenosha

Dear City of Kenosha Residents,

In mid-March 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau will mail an invitation to respond to every household in the United States asking them to complete a brief census questionnaire. In support of this important and historical event, I proclaim Thursday, February 13, 2020 as “2020 Census Call to Action Day” in the City of Kenosha to kick-off the upcoming events and activities heightening the awareness of the importance of completing a 2020 Census questionnaire.

My message is simple; I, along with Common Council members, want everyone to participate in the 2020 census, and to engage as many residents as possible to help make sure every individual in the City of Kenosha is counted.

The process is easier than ever before. New to the 2020 Census is the option to complete the survey online (using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone), by mail or by telephone. You can review the 2020 Census questionnaire by clicking here .

The City of Kenosha is pleased to launch this website page as part of our proactive efforts to raise census awareness and encourage residents in our area to get involved! On this page, you will find facts and resources pertaining to the 2020 Census. And if anyone looking for employment opportunities, you can find the link to information about census jobs or visit .

In order for our City and our state to receive our fair share of funding for various services, it’s important everyone is counted. Every year, Congress allocates over $800 billion to states, counties and cities nationwide based on census data – funding for public safety, health, education, transportation, and more. Census data is also used to decide the number of representatives serving each state in Congress, and the data helps define districts at the state level as well.

The City of Kenosha has formed a Complete Count Committee (CCC) led by the City of Kenosha’s Department of Administration. In partnership with local community, government and business leaders, non-profit organizations, youth representatives, faith-based members, KUSD, colleges, universities and community residents, the CCC has been working hard and will continue to strive to reach all populations, especially those that are historically under-counted. I call upon all residents to help us in our efforts to include all individuals and households.

This is a Call to Action to every City of Kenosha citizen – I encourage everyone to mark you calendar to remember Census Day is April 1st, and is the official deadline for households to complete the questionnaire. I’m proud to say that in the 2010 Census, Wisconsin had the highest response rate of 82% (defined as the percentage of questionnaires mailed back by households that received them) than any other State in the Nation. Let’s do it again in 2020! TOGETHER WE COUNT!


           John M. Antaramian

           Mayor – City of Kenosha  


Message from the Mayor