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The mission of the Kenosha Police Department is:

"To Strengthen and Serve our Community by Putting People First."


The vision of the Kenosha Police Department is:

"KPD is recognized for its commitment to inclusivity and excellence where all members of our community are safe, respected, and valued. Our community trusts us to provide a safe and welcoming environment. Our policies, practices and standards are continuously improved to ensure that we provide the highest level of service to our community."


The core values of the Kenosha Police Deparmtent are: 


Respect - Appreciating and being sensitive to difficulty of others and what they may be experiencing through our expressions of kindness and caring.                                 

Integrity - Being honest and having strong moral principles that unify us as an undivided tea, that continually works towards building public trust.                             

Service - The endless pursuit of selflessness, seeking to exceed the service expectations of our community.                           

Excellence - Displaying humility and internal reflection to ensure that we are constantly improving to provide the highest standard of policing to our community.