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Beller 455

Detective Bureau Commander

James Beller, Captain

(262) 605-5215


Hello, I am Captain James Beller, Commander of the Investigations Division. With 51 officers, detectives and supervisors, and multiple responsibilities and specialized units, the Investigations Division is the most diverse division in the Department. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) develops gang related intelligence and supports investigations into gang and other street crimes. The Court Services Unit acts as liaisons between the police department and the criminal and municipal courts. The Financial Crimes Unit investigates financial crimes and the growing crime of identity theft. Sensitive Crimes detectives investigate sexual assaults, child abuse and domestic violence. The Accident Investigation Unit follows up on hit and run and other serious accidents. The Forensics Unit processes and evaluates evidence. General Assignment detectives, which form the largest part of the Investigations Division, investigate all other crimes ranging from homicides to thefts.

How are crimes investigated? Following up on a crime relies upon a time tested formula. Witnesses and victims are interviewed, evidence is seized and processed, and once identified and located, suspects are interrogated. While this seems like a simple formula, and it is portrayed as such on television, it is a very intensive process which relies specifically on two things, the police department which provides skilled practitioners including officers and detectives to investigate crimes, and a community which supports the department and is willing to provide information about crimes.

A well informed public provides substantial assistance to law enforcement. I encourage all who visit this page to also visit: Crime Stoppers and our Facebook page for information on current topics and cases. If you have any questions regarding the operations of the Investigations Division, feel free to contact me.