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The Kenosha Hometown Heroes Award Program is dedicated to identifying and recognizing as Hometown Heroes worthy men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces who were born in, currently reside in or have previously resided for ten (10) years or more at any time, in the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin. A nominator may only submit one nomination per quarter in order to maintain the integrity and importance of the awards.

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Terms expire August 31st

Chairperson Ald. Jack Rose-Chairperson -  4/15/24

Vice Chairperson Dora Azmus - 2024

Andrew Berg - 2024

Andrew Lorsung - 2024

Steven J. Chalmers - 2026

Steve Tindall - 2026

Brad Cramlet - 2026



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Barb Rangel

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Awards are given on a quarterly basis and the deadline dates and award dates are listed below. All award winners will receive a congratulatory certificate from the Mayor and will be invited to a regular meeting of the Common Council to receive their certificate and award from
the Mayor and the Common Council President. A Hometown Hero of the year will also be selected and recognized at the first regular meeting of the Common Council of the following calendar year in which they are selected.

Award Winners

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The Kenosha Hometown Heroes Commission will review nominations based on military service (decorations/military awards, military specialty schools, length of service and tours of duty), community service (veteran organizations, volunteer work & leadership positions, civic organizations, and community awards), and other accomplishments considered above and beyond the call of duty). The maximum score is 45 points.


Awards are given on a quarterly basis with the Kenosha Hometown Hero awarded at the first meeting of the Common Council the following year.

QuarterNomination DeadlineAward Month
1 February 28th March
2 May 31st July
3 August 31st October
4 November 30th January
Kenosha Hometown Hero of the Year Taken from the top four awardees from quarters 1 – 4 TBD based on winners' availability