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Martin Keckler

October 15, 1934 - July 7, 1949
Apparatus Operator Keckler died while on duty at Station #1. The driver of Engine 1 was found in the second floor dormitory at 8 a.m. at shift change. He was 43.

Leslie Hamilton

August 1, 1928 - January 17, 1954
Just days after reaching retirement eligibility, Captain Hamilton died as a result of injuries sustained in a traffic accident while responding to a call. The accident occurred at the corner of 22nd Avenue and 75th Street. The engine in which he was riding swerved to avoid an automobile that had turned in front of it. The engine came to a stop when it hit the side of 7509 22nd Avenue, fatally injuring the Captain and injuring the other two firefighters on the rig. Hamilton was 52.

Raphael Pfeiffer

May 15, 1954 - November 21, 1968
Apparatus Operator Pfeiffer died while fighting a basement fire at 1212 58th Street. He collapsed in the basement, when his oxygen supply ran out. He was rescued, but efforts to revive him failed. Pfeiffer was 43.

Donald DeAngelis

March 1, 1964 - January 25, 1973
Firefighter DeAngelis died of injuries resulting from a fall from the rear of Engine 7 while it was moving. Normally serving at Station #4 on 60th Street, E7 and its crew were replacing a company that was training. The engine was returning from a call to Station #3 on Roosevelt Road, when DeAngelis fell from the tailboard just south of 65th Street, on 22nd Avenue. He died several days later. DeAngelis was 31.

Paul Dagenbach

February 1, 1955 - March 9, 1984
Apparatus Operator Dagenbach died of a heart attack shortly after starting his shift at Station #4. He was 61.

Scott B Schumacher

September 1, 1998-2015
Succumbed to cancer