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In accordance with Section 66.1333 of the Wisconsin Statues, the City of Kenosha created the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Kenosha in 1981 because there was a need for blight elimination, slum clearance and urban renewal activities.

The Redevelopment Authority is an independent, separate and distinct public body whose powers include the acquisition of real property by eminent domain and issuance of revenue bonds to fund its activities.

Redevelopment projects have resulted in the construction of the Kitchen Shoppe and Family Dollar in the Uptown area, and construction of the South Harbor Professional Building and Stationside Village along Sheridan Road downtown, and a new Boys & Girls Club recreational facility at 52nd Street & 14th Avenue.

The Redevelopment Authority is currently working on the Wilson Redevelopment Project Area. The project area consists of 110 parcels and is roughly bounded by 45th Street, 35th Avenue, 50th Street and 38th Avenue. The short-term purpose of the redevelopment project is to acquire the fourplex apartments in an effort to minimize their blighting influence and reduce residential densities. The long-term purpose is to replace the fourplex apartments with single family homes in an effort to increase the owner occupancy rate in the project area. To date, 19 out of the 60 fourplex apartments have been acquired.

The Redevelopment Authority meets on the Tuesday following the second Common Council meeting of every month.