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Plan Review Applications

The City of Kenosha uses the following plan reviewers to conduct Plan Reviews as relevant. Plan Review applications can be found at the links below.


City of Kenosha Plumbing Plan Review Application

The City of Kenosha is delegated to perform plumbing plan reviews. Items that trigger a plumbing plan review include:
-16 or more Fixtures
-Grease Trap(s)
-Catch Basin(s)
For questions regarding whether a plumbing plan review will be required, please contact us at 262.653.4263.


E-Plan Exam: Building and HVAC Plan Review

The above link will direct you to a landing page for E-Plan Exam. Scroll down and click on "City of Kenosha - Wisconsin",  then choose the relevant option for plan review.


Important Note for Building and HVAC Projects – For small scale projects where new construction is less than 5,000 SF or alterations are less than 10,000 SF, approval may be obtained directly through the City of Kenosha Inspections Department for both plan review and permitting. Please submit the relevant permit application along with required plans to initiate this review.
Projects for new construction greater than 5,000 SF or alterations greater than 10,000 SF will go through plan review with E-Plan Exam prior to permit submission. Before you apply to E-Plan Exam, please contact the City of Kenosha directly with any questions at 262.653.4263.