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Purpose of Application

Owners of property within the City Growth Area of Bristol and the City Growth Area of Somers, are required to request attachment (formerly annexation) in order to receive municipal utilities. Contact the Department of City Development to determine if you are eligible for attachment to the City.

Who May Apply?

Owners of the property proposed for attachment.

Is A Fee Required?

No fee is charged for attachments; however, the Kenosha Water Utility charges a hookup fee and connection charge for connection to municipal utilities. Any deferred Special Assessments may also become active once a property is attached to the City. Special Assessments levied by the City should be verified with the City Clerk’s office. Special Assessments levied by the Kenosha Water Utility should be verified with the Kenosha Water Utility.

Important Information

Applicants need to allow four (4) to six (6) weeks after a signed Petition for Attachment is received by the City for their property to be attached to the City. Connections to municipal utilities will not occur until the property is approved for attachment by the Kenosha Common Council. More detailed information follows.

Procedures for Attachment of Property to the City of Kenosha

  1. Petitioner initiates attachment upon submitting a written request to the City Planner which describes the area to be attached. The request must be signed by all owners of at least one-half of the land petitioned to be attached, in either area or assessed value.
  2. City Plan Division will evaluate attachment request to determine if attachment area can be provided with municipal utilities within two (2) years of attachment. The City may reject any petition to attach a property that is either not contiguous, or not configured in a manner which will enable the City to provide adequate and timely service until such time as the City and the Kenosha Water Utility are able to provide adequate and timely service, or until the final attachment.
  3. City Plan Division has the ability to recommend the size, shape and contiguity of the land to be covered by the attachment petition. Residential properties may not be attached to the City as an Intermediate Attachment without consent of the owner(s). A Notice of Intent to Circulate an Attachment Petition will be required to be published one (1) time in the Kenosha News, should additional properties be recommended within the attachment area.
  4. If the City Plan Division does not reject the petition, a scale map and legal description will be prepared by the Department of Public Works. A Petition for Attachment form will be provided to the applicant(s). Owners of one-half the attachment area in either assessed value or land area, are required to sign the Petition in order for it to be valid. An attachment ordinance, which includes temporary zoning for the attachment area, will be prepared.
  5. City Clerk/Treasurer will notify the Town Clerk in writing of the proposed attachment a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the Common Council acting on the attachment.
  6. City Plan Division will notify the petitioner(s) and owners of any other non-residential properties included within the attachment area of the date, place and time of the Common Council meeting.
  7. The Attachment ordinance will be scheduled for two (2) meetings and considered for approval by the Common Council at its second meeting.
  8. The City Clerk/Treasurer will file with the Secretary of State a Certified copy of the Attachment Ordinance, certificate and plat, and will also send a copy to each company that provides any utility service in the area to be attached. The City Clerk/Treasurer will also record the attachment ordinance with the Kenosha County Register of Deeds and file a copy with the Clerk of any affected school district.
  9. The City Plan Division will notify all affected owners within the attachment area, as well as the Police and Fire Departments and Joint Services of the action taken by the Common Council.

City of Kenosha/Town of Somers Cooperative Plan and City of Kenosha/Town of Bristol Cooperative Plan, under Section 66.0307, Wisconsin Statutes