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Route 4 North/South Detour

Due to road construction Route 4 will not operate on 39th Avenue between 65th Street and Wilson Rd, on Wilson Rd between 39th Avenue and 40th Avenue, or on 60th Street between 35th Avenue and 40th Avenue.  The bus will operate instead on 65th Street between 39th Avenue and 35th Avenue and on 35th Avenue between 65th Street and 60th Street.


Kenosha Area Transit temporarily suspends fare collection to promote public health
Passengers directed to use rear doors to board the bus

Kenosha Area Transit (KAT) has suspended streetcar and Lakefront Trolley service until further
notice, and is making a few changes to bus service to promote the health and safety of riders and employees. These efforts will help operators practice social distancing, while maintaining service for Kenosha residents who rely on public transportation.

Discontinuing fares
Effective March 24, 2020, KAT is temporarily suspending fare collection, which means riders
will no longer need to pay to ride. To limit the potential spread of COVID-19, riders are asked
to not put fares into the fareboxes at the front of the buses. The discontinuation of fare
collection will continue until further notice.

Enter and exit bus through rear door
Effective March 24, 2020, KAT riders who can safely do so should get on and off the bus
through the back doors. Anyone needing to board the front of the bus, should alert their

Practice social distancing
Riders should practice social distancing (avoid coming into close contact with people in
-Stay at least six feet away from other people in public places, including on the bus, at
stops or at KAT Transfer Center.
-People should stay home when they are sick.-Only travel when necessary – for example going to work, a grocery store or pharmacy.