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The Training and Safety Division develops and maintains job skills of the Department’s firefighters and provides training to new fire recruits. The Division is responsible for the on-going training and implementation of safety standards of all firefighters for in-service companies. The training environment is dynamic as numerous requirements continue to be mandated in emergency services by federal and state regulatory agencies. The Training and Safety Division strives to deliver quality training and safety programs in a cost effective manner to comply with established laws, regulations and standards.

Contact Info
  • Phone: 262.653.4102
  • Email:
  • Office: 4810 60th Street
    Kenosha, WI 53144
  • Hours: Monday-Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Division Leadership

Division Chief of Training

Training Categories Pie Chart


  • Situational Evolutions
    • Carbon Monoxide Response
    • Ground Ladders
    • Ropes and Knots
    • Water Supply
    • Apparatus & Equipment Deployment
    • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Emergencies
  • Rapid Intervention Air Pack Utilization
  • Live Fire Exercises
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Heavy Rescue
  • SCBA Emergencies
  • Carbon Monoxide Responses
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Emergency Apparatus Driving Simulations
  • Company Level Training
  • Street Car Emergencies
  • Airport Rescue & Firefighting
  • Flight for Life

Emergency Medical Services

  • Emergency Medical Technician Refresher
  • Paramedic Refresher
  • Infectious Disease
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Skills Refresher
  • Protocol Updates and Refesher
  • CPR

Hazardous Materials Operations

  • Operations Level Training

Fire Prevention

  • Annual Inspection Procedures
  • Public Education
  • Digitized Inspection Base
  • State Fire Codes Review and Updates
  • Alarms and Detection Systems

General Training

  • Computer System Use and Updates
  • Fire Officer Development
  • Daily Station
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Response Area Familiarization
    • Physical Fitness
    • Apparatus Operations & Inspections
    • Drive/Operator
  • Safety
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Alcohol & Drug Recognition
  • Human Resource In-Service Mandates

Special Operations

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Response to Terrorism
  • Digitized Inspection Base
  • Confined Space/Trench Rescue Awareness

Company TrainingWe are proud of a highly-successful company-level training program. This program is in place to allow company officers (lieutenants and captains) to gain first-hand knowledge of the abilities of their crew. It also allows fire instructors that are assigned to these shifts to expand their knowledge base and teaching experience.

While the companies are allowed to train at their respective fire station, the community receives the benefit of having them located in their response district. Should an emergency arise, each company is available to respond in their first-in area. This causes a more expedient response.

This training is developed from this division and subsequently disseminated to each shift at every station. Each shift receives a packet that includes a detailed lesson plan, instructor guide, student guides, and topic quiz. Subjects included but are not limited to:

  • Automobile Extrication
  • Rapid Intervention Teams
  • Water Supply
  • Apparatus Equipment Location
  • SCBA Emergencies
  • Rapid Intervention Air Pack Utilization
  • Carbon Monoxide Responses
  • Airport Familiarization
  • Driver Operator Area Familiarization
The Kenosha Fire Department BRT program is continuously updated to ensure our fire recruits receive the best possible training. Updates have included formal pre-BRT instructor training, curriculum expansion, recruit conduct policies, 100 recruit benchmarks, daily and weekly evaluations, performance improvement methods, probationary firefighter preparation, and a detailed program evaluation where the instructors are anonymously evaluated by the recruits.
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From their first day in the station our recruits have an extensive knowledge of all operations a firefighter is responsible for. The program not only produces superior firefighters, it also saves the lives of all firefighters on our department and the citizens we are charged to serve.
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