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Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to speak and understand the English language.
  • Completion of either a two year Associate Degree or a minimum of 60 fully accredited college level credits within 5 years of the date of hire pursuant to LES 2.01(1)(e).
  • United States citizen.
  • Attained the age of eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application.
  • Possession of or ability to obtain a valid driver's license with a good driving record that meets the City standards.
  • Have no physical, mental or emotional conditions which could adversely affect their ability to perform the essential duties of the job.
  • Must meet the vision standard set by the City.
  • No loss of hearing within normal voice range.
  • No felony convictions unless pardoned.
  • Others required by law enforcement standards.



Physical Requirements:

  • Involves the regular, and at times sustained, performance of heavier physical tasks such as walking over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, stooping, working in confined spaces, and lifting or carrying moderately heavy (20-50 pounds) items and occasionally very heavy (100 pounds or over) items.



Environmental & Sensory Requirements:

  • Task requires that work be performed in adverse environmental conditions.
  • Sensory Requirements:
  • Task requires color perception and discrimination with no impairment.
  • Task requires sound perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires odor perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires depth perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires texture perception and discrimination.
  • Task requires visual perception and discrimination in each eye correctable to 20/20.
  • Task requires oral communications ability.

The Kenosha Police Department recruitment process is managed through the City of Kenosha Human Resources Department. The application is completed online through the City of Kenosha's employment website at There are no paper applications, and only the online form will be accepted.

If there is no open application process, you can submit a job interest card to be notified when a new process begins. Visit and complete the card for "Law Enforcement". Once the interest card is submitted, you will be notified via email when a new application process is starting. REMEMBER: The job interest card is NOT an application, and you will still need to complete the full application when a new recruitment opens.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Kenosha Human Resources Department at (262) 653-4130 or visit . The Human Resources Department is located at: 625 52nd Street, Room 205, Kenosha, WI 53140. You can also email us at .

The Kenosha Police Department employs 221 Officers across several different divisions, all using their unique skills and training toward the common goal of creating a safe community. Officers with the Kenosha Police Department begin learning these skills in our Patrol Division. Some of these patrol opportunities include:

  • Accident Investigator
  • Bicycle Officer
  • Crisis Intervention Team Member
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Evidence Technician
  • Field Training Officer
  • Firearms & DAAT (Defense and Arrest Tactics) Instructor
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Peer Support Team
  • Sexual Assault Responder
  • Tavern Unit

The Kenosha Police Department also has several specialty assignments and teams. Some of these assignments are full time while others are in addition to normal Patrol or Detective duties:

  • Bomb Squad
  • Crime Prevention / Neighborhood Watch
  • Criminalist
  • Digital Forensics
  • Gang Crimes Unit
  • K9 Handler
  • Safety Officer / Officer Friendly
  • School Resource Officer
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Officers with 5 years in Law Enforcement (3 years required with the Kenosha Police Department) may test for the position of Detective. Within our Detective Bureau, there are additional specialties and units which include:

  • Arson Investigator
  • Court Officer
  • S.I.U. (Special Investigations Unit)
  • Financial Crimes Unit
  • Sensitive Crimes Unit

Employees are paid a salary based on a compensation plan approved by the City of Kenosha. The salary range for this classification is divided into eight (8) steps. New employees shall serve a probationary period of two hundred fifty-two (252) days worked. A newly hired Police Officer will remain in Step A until one (1) year of service is completed. Subsequent steps shall be achieved in the same manner until the maximum of the pay range has been achieved.

The current salary for a starting Police Officer is $5,448.00 - $6,834.00 monthly ($65,376 - $82,008.00 annually).

Training Costs
New Police Officer recruits receive paid training from the City. Employees who are subsequently terminated by the City for any reason within 36 months after completing police academy training may be required to reimburse the City for these costs, depending on when the termination occurs.

The City offers a high deductible health plan (HDHP) to eligible employees and their qualifying dependent(s) as of the first of the month following 60 days of full-time employment. All employees are required to pay a five percent (5%) monthly health insurance premium, which will be waived if the employee participates in an annual Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). Employees and qualifying dependents are responsible for any deductibles, co-payments, or other out-of-pocket costs associated with care received under the provisions of the plan(s).

The City provides dental insurance to eligible employees after 60 days of full-time employment. Dental services are provided through one dental group – Dental Associates, which has one location in Kenosha County. You must select one provider location upon enrollment, and can only seek dental treatment through that location once enrolled. Qualifying employees do not pay a premium for this coverage.

United Healthcare Vision
Eligible employees may elect to enroll in a supplemental vision "insurance" plan. This plan provides benefits (after applicable co-pay) including a comprehensive exam, eye glasses with standard single vision, etc. Open enrollment for this benefit is held on a yearly basis and is administered by the Finance Department.

Health Savings Account
The health insurance plan offered by the City qualifies for a Health Savings Account (HSA) as defined by the IRS. Johnson Bank has waived the fees normally associated with opening and maintaining an HSA for all City of Kenosha employees who are enrolled in a qualifying insurance plan. Payroll deduction (pre-taxed) is only available to those employees who hold their HSA with Johnson Bank.

Critical Illness, Accident & Universal Life/Long-Term Care Insurances
Supplemental policies for Critical Illness, Accident and Life/Long-Term Care Insurance are offered to current eligible employees during the City's annual open enrollment period.

Duty-Related Death Benefit
The designated beneficiary or estate of any employee killed in the line of duty shall receive a lump sum equivalent to one (1) year's regular pay.

Employees are enrolled in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) upon hire. The current contribution rate for protective employees with social security is 17.77% (including a 0.67% Duty Disability premium) - all represented protective service employees pay the required pension contribution amount of 6.55% (the same as general employees). The City contributes 10.55% to the employee's WRS pension account. The total pension contribution amount is calculated based on gross wages for each pay period.

Deferred Compensation
Employees may elect to defer part of their income into a 457(b) retirement plan through ICMA-Retirement Corporation, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, or the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. This deferred income is exempt from State and Federal income taxes until it is withdrawn at retirement or upon termination of employment.

Life Insurance
Term life insurance coverage is provided to eligible employees through the Wisconsin Public Employers Group Life Insurance Program. Coverage amount is based on the employee's annual salary rounded to the next highest $1,000. The premium for Basic Plan coverage is paid by the City. Additional coverage and/or supplemental levels of coverage are available to employee and family at the employee's expense. Coverage becomes effective on the first of the month following thirty (30) days from the date of hire.

Sick Leave
Each employee shall be granted sick leave with full pay. If an officer cannot report for duty due to illness or injury, he/she must notify the Department prior to the start of their shift. A review of the employee's sick leave may be held by Police Administration and the KPPA In the event that said illness or injury exceeds six (6) or twelve (12) continuous months.

Employees who have completed the required number of years of continuous service shall earn annual leave for each month of employment during which they work at least half of their scheduled workdays in accordance with the following tables based on anniversary dates of employment.

Continuous Years of Service Days per Year
Less than One (1)                                     6
One but less than Ten (10)                  14
Ten (10) but less than 20                     21
20 or More                                              26

In addition to annual vacation time, employee’s will also be compensated with 48 hours of Holiday time each year in lieu of working a Patrol or Detective schedule of 4 days on, 2 days off. Employees are allowed to carry over no more than 96 hours of Holiday time each year.

Tuition Reimbursement Program
Regular full-time employees who have completed their probationary period may be reimbursed for 80% of tuition up to $3,000 per calendar year for satisfactorily completion (a grade of "B" or greater) of approved courses through an accredited institution in the pursuance of an Associate, Bachelor or Master Degree. Please refer to the City's Personnel Policies and Regulations for program information.

Applicants must complete and pass each step in the recruitment process in order to make it to the eligibility list.


Step 1 – Written Examination

The written exam is the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) by Stanard & Associates and is proctored by the City of Kenosha Human Resources Department. Applicants need to score a minimum of 70% in order to proceed to the next step in the process. All applicants are notified by email if they passed or failed the test. Qualified applicants will be notified by email to self-schedule for the panel interview.

Step 2 – Panel Interview

The oral exam is an interview in which applicants are asked job-related questions by a panel of Officers from the department. The responses are evaluated and scored in a number of critical dimensions (knowledge, skills and abilities) and overall interview presentation. All applicants are notified by email if they passed or failed. Qualified applicants will be notified by email to self-schedule for the Chief’s interview based upon their ranking.

Step 3 – Chief’s Interview

The Chief’s interview is a more in-depth interview. All applicants are notified by email if they passed or failed the interview. The applicants that passed this interview will be placed on the eligibility list.

Step 4 – Eligibility List

The eligibility list consists of the qualified applicants that passed the entire examination process and could be considered for employment. The applicants are ranked according to their overall scores, and vacancies are filled from this eligibility list. The eligibility list is in effect for 12 months or until ten (10) or fewer applicant names remain on the list.

Step 5 – Background Check

As vacancies occur, top candidates will be subject to a background check on criminal history, driver license record, current and previous employers, education, military service, training, references, etc. Note: Not all candidates progress beyond the background phase.

Step 6 – Conditional Job Offer

Once the background check is completed, the Chief will review all information and determine if the applicant will continue in the hiring process. If an applicant does not pass the background check, he/she will be eliminated from continuing in the process. If the Chief finds the background check to be satisfactory, he/she may make a conditional offer that is based on the applicant passing the psychological test, drug screening and physical exam. Applicants must be already certified or eligible to attend a police academy. In order to be admitted to the academy, candidates must pass a Physical Readiness Test administered by academy staff prior to the academy and again during the academy.


Requirements for Physical Readiness Test

Physical Readiness Test

Entrance Standard

Exit Standard

1.5 mile run

20:20 minutes

16:57 minutes

300 meter run

82 seconds

62 seconds

Push ups



Sit ups



Vertical Jump

11.5 inches

14 inches

Agility Run

23.4 seconds

19.5 seconds


For more information on physical agility requirements, visit:


Step 7 – Police Academy and Field Training Program

If an applicant is certified, he/she will participate in the Field Training Program for 4-5 months before being assigned to solo patrol. If an applicant is not certified, he/she is required to attend the Police Academy for 4 ½ months before participating in the Field Training program.

Step 8 – Probationary Period

The probationary period for a certified applicant is 252 days.

The probationary period for a non-certified applicant is 352 days.

Residency Requirement

Within one month after the completion of the probationary period, applicants must reside within Kenosha County, Racine County (except the Town of Waterford; however the Village of Waterford is acceptable), Franklin, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee or Lake County, IL. The incumbent of this position is required to maintain such residency during the term of employment as long as he/she remains a protected service employee as a condition of employment. For a map of our residency area, click this link.

Kenosha is the fourth largest city in Wisconsin with a population of approximately 100,000 residents living in a setting that has something for everyone.


Please visit Life Balanced Kenosha and the Kenosha Visitors Bureau to learn more about our exciting and growing community and why Kenosha is the right place to start your new career.


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FINAL Police Recruitment Flyer

Is there a residency requirement?

Yes, there is a residency requirement. Within one month after the completion of the probationary period, applicants must reside within Kenosha County, Racine County (except the Town of Waterford; however the Village of Waterford is acceptable), Franklin, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee or Lake County, IL. The incumbent of this position is required to maintain such residency during the term of employment as long as he/she remains a protected service employee as a condition of employement. For a map of our residency area, click this link.


How will I be notified of the testing process, exam dates, etc.?

When you complete the online application through the Human Resources site, you will recieve notificaiton to create a NeoGov account. All notifications and actions are done via email and through the NeoGov account portal. 


If I get hired, what shift will I work?

During field training, most recruits spend time on all 3 shifts because of the unique calls and shift dynamics. Once field training is complete, Officers are assigned to shifts based upon department need and seniority. New officers are initially assigned to 2nd or 3rd shift  and through seniority, have the option for 1st shift assignment. 


What test is used for police officer recruitment?

The City of Kenosha uses the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) by Stanard & Associates. The written test must be taken each time a candidate applies for police officer.


Is there a study guide for the written exam?

There are two study guides that candidates can purchase from Stanard & Associates, however, these study guides are not required by the City of Kenosha and are purchased at the candidate's expense.