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A Cross Connection Control Survey is an inventory of every point of water use throughout your property, including but not limited to faucets, toilets, hose bibs, irrigation systems and boilers.  It is the purpose of this program to verify that every point of water use is properly protected from backflow by means of prevention devices, assemblies or methods.  The quality of Kenosha’s drinking water supply could be compromised if backflow from a non-potable supply (water or other substances not safe for human consumption) containing hazardous substances occurs.  Backflow occurs when a change in water pressure reverses the direction of normal flow.  For example, if a fertilizer sprayer was connected to a garden hose and a water main break occurred nearby, in theory, the fertilizer could backflow or backsiphone into the drinking water supply in your home.  This is prevented by ensuring that the proper backflow preventers are in place throughout your home.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) mandates local implementation of a Cross Connection Control Program, by Wisconsin State Statute NR 810.15 (PDF).  The City of Kenosha established ordinance Chapter XXXII, Rule 06-31 (PDF) as a result.  The Kenosha Water Utility has been assigned the implementation of this program.

All properties that receive city water will need to have an inspection.  Residential properties will receive a free inspection by our state licensed staff, typically paired with a Sump Pump Inspection and/or the water meter replacement at your home.  Residential homes will need to be reinspected every 10 years.

Industrial, commercial, and public authority customers are considered to have a potentially higher risk level and will be required to hire a state licensed plumber or a licensed cross connection inspector to complete and submit a survey every two years.