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Saturday, August 04, 2018
  • 04Aug
    Border War Beer Fest

    The Border War Beer Fest features Wisconsin and Illinois brewers, who will participate in a friendly competition for the best brews. The winner will take home the "Willy", a traveling trophy given to the state with the best brews. Votes by the beer fest attendees will determine the winner. There will be food truck cuisine and home brews.

    The Border War Beer Fest will be preceded by a Border War 5K run.

    EVENT CATEGORY: Public Events
    LOCATION: Celebration Place
  • 04Aug
    HarborMarketEVENT CATEGORY: Public Events
    LOCATION: Place de Douai
  • 04Aug
    Pike River Rendezvous

    The Pike River Rendezvous is a reenactment featuring more than 300 reenactors that will make the Colonial through Western Fur Trade era of the 1650s through 1850s come to life on Simmons Island. There will be craft and trade demos, music, and games for the whole family.

    Visitors will be able to go back in time to an era when American Indians and fur traders gathered to exchange goods and services and celebrate. Costumed reenactors will talk about what life was like during the fur-trading era.

    Food, snacks, and souvenirs will be available from vendors.

    Admission is free.

    EVENT CATEGORY: Public Events
    LOCATION: Simmons Island Park