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If you have received a letter requesting you make an appointment, please call 262-653-4315. Online Appointment Scheduling is no longer available.



The Kenosha Water Utility is currently visiting homes and businesses in our service area to perform Sump Pump and Cross Connection surveys. This important free benefit is being done in order to ensure that our customers continue to receive the highest quality water and waste water service available at the most reasonable cost.

Sump pumps are designed to move ground water away from a building foundation. Typically, the water will discharge to the adjacent yard or street, or better still, directly to the storm sewer. Unfortunately, in some cases the sump pump will discharge to a sanitary sewer line within the building itself. Not only is this in violation of city ordinance, but it increases the risk of basement flooding to you and your neighbors because it contributes excessive water to the sanitary sewer system during rain events. More importantly perhaps, the costs of treating the additional water are considerable.

Cross connections are a serious danger to our drinking water where contaminated water can backflow into the water supply system. A backflow occurs when a change in water pressure reverses the direction that the water moves. This can happen when the pressure in your pipes is greater than the municipal water pressure or when a drop in the municipal water pressure causes a siphon effect and draws water back from your pipes. Although this is a rare event, it can have potentially deadly consequences.

Once you have received a letter and scheduled your appointment, a member of the Kenosha Water Utility staff will perform a survey of your property to ensure that your sump pump is not discharging into the sanitary sewer and that no potential cross connections exist. Based on our findings, recommendations will be made so that you can make any needed corrections. Appointments usually take less than 30 minutes and are available at a variety of days and times to fit your schedule. Please refer to our Residential Survey brochure for more information.