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Visit the staff directory for the Department of Community Development & Inspections and contact us for more information on any of the services provided by our department.


 Jeff Labahn  Director    653-4030  
 Rich Schroeder  Deputy Director    653-4034  
 Richard Kath  Inspection Supervisor    653-4274  
 Mike Callovi  Planning Technician    653-4032  PLANNING & ZONING
 Courtney Dorado  Office Associate    653-4042  CLERICAL
 David Fliess  Building Inspector    653-4268  BUILDING
 Tony Geliche  CD Specialist - CDBG    653-4039  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
 Zohrab Khaligian  CD Specialist - Redevelopment    653-4041 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
 Mike Maki  CD Specialist - HOME Program    653-4038  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT

 Maria Malapira-Stearns

 Office Assistant    653-4256  CLERICAL
 John Mielke  Property Maintenance Inspector    653-4104  PROPERTY MAINTENANCE
 Kevin Mikolas  Plumbing Inspector    653-4270  BUILDING
 Robert Newhouse  Property Maintenance Inspector    653-4273  PROPERTY MAINTENANCE
 Randy Rasmusson  Electrical Inspector    653-4267  BUILDING
 Brian Reining  Planner    653-4046  PLANNING & ZONING
 Mark Sanchez  Property Maintenance Inspector    653-4272  PROPERTY MAINTENANCE
 Kay Schueffner  Administrative Assistant    653-4043  CLERICAL
 Martha Swartz  Property Maintenance Inspector    653-4253  PROPERTY MAINTENANCE
 Jill Urban  Office Associate    653-4259  CLERICAL
 Matt Werderitch  Planner    653-4037  PLANNING & ZONING
 Brian Wilke  Development Coordinator    653-4049  PLANNING & ZONING
 Sue Zampanti  Administrative Assistant    653-4257  CLERICAL