How many parks are there in the City and where are they located?
     There are currently 56 designated parks in the City of Kenosha. See Parks At A Glance for their locations and other information regarding facilities, acreage etc. The Park Division also maintains several triangles and boulevards within the City.
Where do I go to reserve a picnic area or a flower garden for a wedding?
     Picnic & Wedding Reservations
We want or organize a special event in the parks. How do we initiate this?
     Special Events - where you will find information and various forms to submit an application.
Can I reserve an athletic field for practice or games?
     Contact the Park Division at 653-4080 to determine if a field is available for use. There is a high demand for baseball, softball and soccer fields. Rental rates vary.
What are the normal hours of operation for the pools and how much does it cost to get in?
     Anderson and Washington Park Pool Information
Who are the members of the Board of Park Commissioners?
       Michael Orth, Chairman, District 15
  Anthony Kennedy., Vice Chairman, District 10
  Rocco LaMacchia Sr., District 5
  Chris Schwartz, District 2
  Kevin Mathewson, District 8
When are the Park Commission meetings?
     Meetings are held every second and last Monday of each month. They are held at the Municipal Office Building (City Hall), 625 - 52nd Street, Kenosha, WI 53140 at 5:00 p.m. The agendas and minutes are posted on the website.