The Fire Prevention Bureau offers a variety of public fire safety education. Some of the classes or programs are offered at the school and some are offered throughout the community.
KUSD Fall Fire Safety Program: Fire Safety Program that takes place at the elementary level, usually during Fire Safety Month in October, utilizing the Fire Safety House. The Fire Safety House allows us to teach the children within the community Exit Drills in the Home. In addition, thefocus would be on all aspects of fire safety within the residential environment, burn prevention, and survival.
KUSD Spring Fire Safety Program: Fire Safety Program that takes place in the spring at the elementary level usually during the months of March, April and May. There would be specific emphasis targeting smoking, kitchen safety and the usage of candles which are continuous causes of residential fires within the City of Kenosha, as well as burn prevention, smoke detector awareness, and fire extinguisher usage.
Fire Safety Presentations/Training: This presentation/training is usually implemented at companies/ organizations; assisted living facilities; nursing homes; schools/universities; and/or anywhere in the community that is looking to provide a group of individuals fire safety education/training. The presentation is tailored to the needs of the group.
Day Care Center Presentations: This is a program that is available for all day care centers both private and public. Through this program we are able to teach young children the basics of fire prevention and to show them how to respond in fire situations. It is never to earlier to learn fire safety.
Public Safety Presentations: The program continues to teach basic fire safety, how to install and maintain smoke detectors, identification and correction of home fire hazards, plan escape routes, extinguisher usage, reporting of emergencies, and the legal aspects of fire setting.
Engine/Sparky Presentations: This program is usually in coordination with a community event. It is an opportunity for the community to meet, talk with and gain an awareness of fire safety. The Sparky mascot is usually present, and the crew is actively emphasizing a specific area of fire safety while giving tours of the fire apparatus and/or handing out educational material.
Fire Safety Booth: This is another program that is usually in coordination with a larger community event. There is an area established where the community has the opportunity to gain fire safety awareness, obtain fire safety material, and speak directly to fire department representatives.
Community Fire Drills: This program allows the fire department to work with a facility/building and assist them in learning the appropriate ways to evacuate the building.
Extinguisher Training: This program is available for companies/organizations both public and private who want to build their awareness of fire extinguisher usage and have an opportunity to use an extinguisher in a hands-on situation.
Station Tours: This program allows organizations and/or the community to come into the fire house and have a guided tour as well as a fire safety presentation. Call the station of your choice to set up a visit.
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