This City Zoning Map is for general reference only. Any questions regarding the Zoning of a specfic property should be directed to the Department of Community Development & Inspections at (262) 653-4030.
To support economic development of creative and expressive endeavors by developing collaborative relationships between artists, musicians, businesses, government and other organizations.
Eleven Commission members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council. The Commission brings together representatives from the arts, music, businesses and government in the City of Kenosha for the purpose of networking and encouraging the most effective use of existing resources. It serves as a liaison on behalf of the City to encourage and support arts, organizations and programs for cultural enrichment within the city. The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and the Common Council.
The City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts has partnered with the Kenosha County UW-Extension, Kenosha Community Foundation and Expose Kenosha to provide a survey on the arts.We are seeking to identify active artists and creatives working or living in Kenosha County; to assess existing social networks, and estimate economic impacts of artists' activities. Results of the survey will be presented to the community during a program sponsored by the Kenosha Community Foundation this fall. Please complete the online survey at:
Jayne Herring - Chairperson
Francisco Loyola - Vice Chairperson
Mary Pat Andrea
Maureen Cashin Bolog
Lou Molitor
Donald Miller
Kristina Niemi Johnson
Becky Noble
Karen Sorensen
Paul Hegland
Scott Plank